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Jacqueline's Homepage

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Who am I?



 My name is Jacqueline, married to Paul, and mother of Marianne and Kevin. I live in the
  Netherlands, in the "Randstad".
  I am "online" since August, 1999. I didn't like my computer at first, in the beginning I only saw
  it as a necessary evil. But the longer I worked with my computer the more I started to
  like working with it. I have to admit that fear for the unknown was mostly the trouble at first,
  fear that the system would crash on me ( and oh my, that happened quite often!) and when it
  crashed it always was at the time I had neglected to back up the system.
  It has happened so many times that I was ready to throw my computer out of the window and
  then jump right after it *grin*. Not that that would have had a great effect, I work on the ground
  floor *grin*...
  But I have learned a lot since the start and am still learning and eager to learn.


At my job at VisieFit I really depend on my computer.
Not only for doing the administration and the accounting, but also for the making of presentations and education material. I use the internet a lot, not in the least because more and more workorders come in through e-mail. Looking for relevant professional literature is nowadays very easy and cheap with the help of all the search engines on the internet, I like to consult the Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut for their easy access and if I want to order some professional books I like to use the online ordersheet of paramedical publisher Dekker.


My first "personal homepage" I just started in good faith (April, 2000). I have always enjoyed trying to speak foreign languages and to puzzle. And the HTML actually is a "foreign" language and a puzzle at the same time. That personal homepage has grown a lot since the first one, but I know there is still a lot to improve.Web page building is both interesting and challenging. At this moment I am working with Frontpage Express (yeah, yeah, I know it is for the lazy web page builders, and that it isn't the ultimate challenge to get forward), but at this moment I neither have the time nor the peace and quiet to jump in more HTML, frames and JavaScript. But I am sure that time will come. Eventually...

I still am fascinated by the Web, everyday I discover new things, interesting and nice people are just a mouse click away, with a mouse click you can go virtually on vacation or shop untill you drop...Awsome!

Through the internet I was able to locate my halfsister Marianne in the United States of America and in May, 2000, I went to New York City together with my sister-in-law Petra to finally meet Marianne and her son Chris.


  Between the internet, my homepage and ofcourse my job, there
  still is time for my favourite hobby: vacation! Preferably ofcourse in
  my favourite vacation country Spain. What it is that attracts me so
  much in Spain? The people, the beautiful nature, the sun and the
  beach, the great food....Practically everything! Click here and here
  to get more information about Spain. Another hobby of mine is my
  camera, small and simple. Everywhere I go, it goes with me.
  Paul hardly can get his hands on it, that's one of the reasons there
  aren't that many photographs of me on these pages. Besides that
  I am, and so is my daughter, fairly camera shy. The photograph
  you see here, Paul had to take from a hidden place between the
  palm trees from a rather large distance. Mother *and* daughter
  caught eventually on a photograph....

This is a personal homepage, with the emphasis on personal. I know my homepage still isn't what I want it to be. If you have any remarks, please let me know. I am still eager to learn! In the mean time: thanks for dropping by and feel free to browse around.

Enjoy your surfing!



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This page is last updated August 21, 2000.

Everything on this page, text, photographs and images, is, unless strictly mentioned otherwise, mine, wherever on this planet I might be