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Welcome (back) on my homepage! 


The football season is already some months old now. Kevin plays in
     in C1 this season, again Rob van Noort is his trainer/coach.
     This season they even have their own site!
     The yearly team photographs have been shot again and "our boys"
     look great again, don't they? Thanks Rob, for allowing me to use
     the photograph here. Good luck, guys!


I just got back from a couple of days of sight seeing in London. And of course I got what I deserved: beautiful and sunny weather, temperature around 21 degrees Celsius, absolutely fabulous.

Again I walked until I got blisters on my feet again, through Hyde Park (thanks Erik, for the tip about the view from the bridge over The Serpentine, unfortunately it was a bit too foggy to get a really good view, but next time I am in London I will go back and try again!), Oxford Street, Regent Street ("window shopping", because London is very expensive).

   And then my feet started to hurt so much that I jumped on the
   hop-on hop off bus and I let them drive me all around town.
   The guides in the bus give lots of information about London.
   They offer three different routes and if you wish you can change from
   one route to the other, so you will get an excellent picture of the city
   and its buildings. Of course I wanted to pay her Majesty the Queen
   a visit, but called a little bit to early at her door at Buckingham Palace.
   The moment I got on the bus again, there she came with her police
   escort driving in her Rolls Royce, precisely in time for her afternoon


What struck me the most in London, was that there were Christmas decorations all over: in the shops decorated Christmastrees, Christmaslights hanging over Oxford Street and Harrods was nothing but lights!

Wouldn't people be completely sick of Christmas by the time it finally is Chrismas??? Funny guys, those Britains.....*grin*

Fortunately the Big Ben was it's good old self still. Thanks, Steve, for waiting instead of driving away with the bus, so we could hear Big Ben strike 5 o'clock.

   If you would like to go to London for a couple of days, take the time and surf around
   the internet first and make a list of favourite places you want to see.
   Especially if you are only going for a very short time like an extended weekend, it is sensible to think about "must sees" before you leave home.
   Surf to, to
or to Consider taking the Heathrow Express
fi you want to go from Heathrow into central London. In only 15 minutes this train
   takes you to Paddington Station. Train tickets (and even the tickets for the
   hop-on hop-off bus) can be ordered via the internet with a credit card. Very
   convenient huh? Most museums in London are free, you only have to pay for
   special exhibits. I only had time to visit the British Museum this time, and again I
   loved visiting it.
   Again this visit was way too short, so I have to come again.
   London, I will be back soon!!

My sister Marianne opened her Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful city of Barre (Vermont); please visit her website at!

On my Dutch homepage I added a Netmind Site Monitor. Leave your e-mailadress at Netmind and they will inform you as soon as I change my homepage. Kinda neat, isn't it?

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Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you back soon!



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