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My family


At this point I would like to introduce to you my family.

   First to get acquainted a photograph of all of us together. I took this photograph
    with the remote control, during a vacation on the island of Tenerife (February
    1999, not too new is it? *grin*).
    But it isn't that easy to take a photograph of all of us together,
    because as I told you before Marianne and I are pretty camera shy.




The photograph on the right isn't new either (July 1999), but this is one that pictures Marianne and Kevin together. I made this photograph during summervacation in our favorite holiday village.



    Januari 2001.

    In the mean time Marianne turned "Sweet 16", completely addicted to the internet,
    e-mail and chatting....

    Here you see here with her "no-he-is-not-my-boyfriend" Justin all dressed up ready
    to go to the New Years Ball of school.
    Yes, she *can* actually *look* like a lady .....*grin*



Kevin, now a first grader, has changed tremendously.
He too had to go to the New Years Ball at school.
And my oh my, beneath the eternal jeans and sneekers, a " real gentleman" has grown....






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