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People and Places (2000)

October 2000.

 We have just returned from some Autumn sun catching on Mallorca.
  We were fortunate enough (or just unfortunate, it's just a matter of how you look   at it) to only experience a little bit of what the Spanish call "La Gota Frķa",
  ("The Cold Drop"), a weatherphenomena that repeats itself on a average of once   every four years.  
  And although its name suggests otherwise, during La Gota Frķa it isn't cold, but
  it's very, *very* wet. And once again La Gota Frķa brought a whole lot of rain,
  so much rain that it caused huge flooding in and around especially Murcia and   Tarragona with eight casualties as a sad result.  It didn't rain that much though on Mallorca, and the rain that fell was as usual more than welcome.

The small bit of La Gota Frķa we experienced, consisted merely of not too
many clouds where some sunshine could come through and some heavy rainfall at night. But as they say, all rain that falls at night, won't fall the following day and the
days the sun didn't shine in abundance, we rented some bicycles to tour around a bit. And that really is something different than walking or driving around in a car,
you can see a lot more than from a car and it's not a tiring as walking.
It is really great to have the opportunity to break away from the daily routines and have a week of peace and quiet and relaxation, enjoying the sun ...


September 2000.

The soccer season has started again. The training started in August,
but now the first matches are over and done with as well.
Kevin is now a C2-player, under the capable leadership of Rob van
Noort and Peter van de Ploeg. Lots of luck and have fun, guys!

My thanks to Machiel van Veen, the webmaster of the homepage of
BlauwZwart, for his permission to use the photograph on the right
on my homepage. And also I want to congratulate him with the new and improved BlauwZwart site and wish him all the best. The site really looks great now, Machiel!

On the photograph, standing from left to right: Kevin, Philip, Wouter, Lesley (keeper), Daan, Marcel and Hamza.
Sitting, from left to right: Dennis, Martijn, Thijs, Jeroen and Oliver.

August 17, 2000

Unfortunately vacation time is over and due to the weather I haven't been able to make a lot of photographs. But we did have a marvelous time anyhow, a bit different than usual, and we are all rested and relaxed again. But because of the rather low temperatures I was on time this year to make some photographs of the gorgeous fiels of sunflowers. Previous years because of the high temperatures they would already be almost out of bloom. And the lower temperatures sure made it easy to fall asleep at night, we've experienced worse!


 And what should you do when the weather isn't cooperative to let you sunbathe   on the beach? Right, you go shopping, sit on a terrace, and ofcourse go out to
  diner at night. Having a glass of wine, enjoying nice company... Just having a great
  time! And as you can see on this photograph that's just what we have been doing.
  This photograph is taken in one of our favourite restaurants, La Pasta (where they
  serve delicious pizza and pasta), we are having dinner here with our friends
  George and Inge, and Bart and Marijke and the children. Bart and Marijke will
  move to Nigeria at the end of September, where he has to work for "our" Royal
  Shell. Good luck there, guys, and take care! We will keep in touch through e-mail.


May 26, 2000

I just came back from my trip to New York City, where I went together with Petra not only to meet my halfsister Marianne and her son Chris, but also to get a little taste of the United States of America. And tasting we did, not only literally but in a figurative way too ofcourse! For 5 days we have been looking our eyes out. On foot and by "hop-on/hop-off" trolleybus did we explore Manhattan. Ofcourse we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island, and from there we had a terrific view of the skyline of New York. We also went to the102nd floor of the Empire State Building to get a good view of New York from above. Unfortunately it was very cloudy so the view wasn't that great, but all the more reason to go back to New York to do it again but than with better weatherconditions.
We went to Times Square, looked at the enormous amount of billboards hanging on all of the buildings. Ofcourse we had to shop, you can't return home without presents for the family, can you? So we had to do Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Virgin Records Megastore (a realy unbelievable megastore full of
CD's, DVD's, video's etc.), the Warner Bros. store, the fantastic toystore of FAO Schwartz (we have never seen so many toys and huge stuffed animals in our lives), the NBC studiostore and lots and lots of shops more. We had to taste literally aswell and we were amazed about the enormous amounts of food they serve you here: "flowervases" full of cola, wagonwheelsize pizza's, hamburgers as high as skyscrapers.... Unbelievable that people can eat such huge portions. It made quite clear though why so many American people are fat. Petra and I haven't gained any weight the past 5 days. Because of the enormous distances you have to walk in this big city, we only lost weight! Shouldn't we have declared this at customs when we entered the States? *grin*



May 9, 2000

The soccer season has almost finished. That is why on this page I want to say
a warm thank-you to Cees van Stigt and Adri van Vliet. They trained and supported Kevin and his soccerteam at the soccerclub of BlauwZwart for two years with love and care.
Cees and Adri, you are the greatest, I am very fond of the way the two of you stood by our boys through thick and thin, you celebrated their victories with them, you were there to comfort them when they had lost and when they were injured you were there to ease the pain. Thank you for two great soccer seasons and I wish the two of you lots of succes next season with the new team! I will miss you, guys!



My favourite place on earth is something I really should put on this page.
And I am *not* gonna tell you where
you can find it in the best vacation
land of Europe, Spain *smile*.





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